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Common Names of Herbs
Easy to read Reference Chart

Chart by Pin Yin Name

Common Name Botanical Name Pin Yin Name
Acanthopanax Root Bark Acanthopanax Gracilistylus Cortex Radix Wu Jia Pi
Achyranthes Root Achyranthes Bidentata Radix Huai Niu Xi
Achyranthis Root Achyranthis Lougifolia Radix Tu Niu Xi
Aconite Root (Treated) Aconitum Carmichaeli Radix (Treated) Fu Zi (Shou)
Aconite Root, Wild Aconiti KusnezofiTi Szechuanensis Radix Cao Wu (Sheng)
Aconite Root, Wild - Treated Aconiti Dunezoffi Szechuanensis Radix, Treated Cao Wu Treated (Zhi Cao Wu)
Aconite Tuber (untreated) Aconitum Charmichaeli (Wutou) Radix Chuan Wu (Sheng)
Actinolite Actinolitum Yang Qi Shi
Adenophora or Glehnia Root Adenophora Tetraphylla Radix Nan Sha Shen
Adenophora Root, Northern Adenophora Tetraphylla seu Glehnia Radix Sha Shen (Bei) high grade
Adenophora Root, Northern - Reg Adenophora Tetraphylla seu Glehnia Radix Sha Shen (Bei) regular
Aduki Bean Phaseolus Calcaratus Semen Chi Xiao Dou
Agrimony Agrimonia Pilosa Herba Xian He Cao
Ailanthus bark or root bark AilanthusAltissima Cortex Chun Gen Pi
Akebia Fruit (Mu Tong Fruit) Akebia Fructus Ba Yue Zha
Akebia Vine Akebia Trifoliata Caulis (caulis mutong) Mu Tong
Alisma, water plantain rhizome Alisnia Plantago-aquatica Rhizoma Ze Xie
Aloe Vera Aloes Herba Lu Hui
Alum Alumen Ming Fan (Bai Fan)
Alum, Prepared (External Use) Alumen Preparatum Ku Fan
Amber Succinum Hu Po
Ampelopsis Root Ampelopsis Radix Bai Lian
Andrographis, Green Chiretta Andrographis Paniculata Herba Chuan Xin Lian
Anemarrhena Rhizome Anemarrhena Asphodeloidis Rhizoma. Zhi Mu
Anemone (Chinese) Root (or Pulsatilla) Pulsatillae Chinensis Radix Bai Tou Weng
Anemone Root Anemone Altaica Radix Jiu Jie Chang Pu
Angelica (Chinese) Root (Charcoal) Angelica Sinensis, Radicis Carbonisatuin Dang Gui Tan
Angelica (Chinese) Root (Natural-sliced) Angelica Sinensis, Corpus Radicis Dang Gui Pian (high)
Angelica (Chinese) Root (sliced) Angelica Sinensis, Corpus Radicis Dang Gui Pian
Angelica (Chinese) Root (whole-natural) Angelica Sinensis, Corpus Radicis Dang Gui  (high)
Angelica (Chinese) Root-head Angelica Sinensis, Caput Radicis Dang Gui Tou (sliced)
Angelica (Chinese) Root-head Angelica Sinensis, Caput Radicis Dang Gui Tou (unbleached)
Angelica (Chinese) Root-tail Angelica Sinensis, Extremitas Radicis Dang Gui Wei
Angelica Root (Dahurica) Angelica Dahurica Radix Bai Zhi
Angelica Root, Pubescent Angelica Pubescens Radix Du Huo
Apricot (Southern) Pit Prunus Armeniaca Semen Nan Xing Ren
Apricot Kernal (Northern) Prunus Armeniaca Semen (Northern) Xing Ren (Bei)
Aquilaria Resin, Aloeswood (High) Aquilaria Agallocha Lignum Chen Xiang (High)
Aquilaria Resin, Aloeswood (Med) Aquilaria Agallocha Lignum Chen Xiang (Medium)
Aruicularia Auricularia Auricula Fructificatio Hei Mu Er
Asafoetida Asafoetida A Wel (High Grade)
Asparagus Tuber Asparagus Cochinchinensis Tuber Tian Men Dong
Asparagus Tuber (High) Asparagus Cochinchinensis Tuber Tian Men Dong (high)
Aster (Purple) Root Astens Tataiici Radix Zi Wan
Astragalus Root (Grade 1) Astragalus Membranaceus Radix (Grade 1) Huang Qi (Grade 1)
Astragalus Root (Grade 2) Astragalus Radix Membranaceus (Grade 2) Huang Qi (Grade 2)
Astragalus Root (Grade 4) Astragalus Radix Membranaceus (grade 4) Huang Qi (Grade 4)
Astragalus Seed, Milkvetch Seed Astragalus Complanatus Semen Sha Yuan Zi
Atractylodes (Black) Rhizome Atractylodes Lancea Rhizoma Cang Zhu
Atractylodes (White) Rhizome Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma Bai Zhu
Bamboo Shavings Bambusa Breviflora Foium Zhu Ru
Bamboo Silicious Secretions Bambusa Textilis Concretio Silcea Tian Zhu Huang
Barley Sprout, Malt (treated) Hordei Vulgaris Fructus Germinatus Mai Ya (Chao)
Barley Sprout, Malt (untreated) Hordei Vulgaris Fructus Germinatus Mai Ya (Sheng)
Belamcanda Rhizome Belamcanda Chinensis Rhizoma She Gan
Bidensium Plant Bidensium Bipnata Herba Gui Zhen Cao
Biota or Artorvitae Leaves Biota Orientalis Cacumen Ce Bai Ye (Ce Bo Ye)
Biota or Artorvitae Leaves Charcoal Biota Orientalis Cacumen Charcaol Ce Bai Tan
Biota Seed, Arbor-vitae Seed Biotae Orientalis Semen Bai Zi Ren (Bo Zi Ren)
Birthwort fruit, Aristolochia fruit Aristolochia Fructus Ma Dou Ling
Bitter Melon Bitter Melon Ku Gua
Black Bean Glycinae Semen Hei Dou
Black Cohosh Rhizome Cimicifuga Foetida or Daburica Rhizoma Sheng Ma
Bletilla Rhizome Bletillae Striatae Rhizoma Bai Ji
Borax Borax Pen Sha
Broomrape, fleshy stem Cistanches Deserticola Herba Rou Cong Rong
Brucea (Javanese) Fruit Brucea Javanica Semen Ya Dan Zi (Ku Shen Zi)
Buchner Plant Buchnera Cruciaata Herba Gui Yu Jian
Buddleia Flower Bud Buddleia Officinalis FIos Mi Meng Hua
Bupleurum Root - Natural Sliced Bupleurum Chinense Radix Chai Hu (Medium)
Bupleurum root - Natural Whole Bupleurum Chinense Radix Chal Hu (Large)
Burdock (Great) Fruit Arctium Lappa Fructus Niu Bang Zi
Calamine, Smithsonitum Smithsonitum Lu Gan Shi
Calcitum Calcitum Han Shi Shi
Camphor Camphora Zhang Nao
Campsitis Flower Campsitis Grandiflora Flos Ling Xiao Hua
Capillaris Shoots and Leaves Artemisia Capillaris Herba (Mian) Yin Chen (Main)(Yin Chen Hao)
Cardamon (Black) Fruit Alpinia Oxyphylla Fructus Yi Zhi Ren
Cardamon (White) Fruit, cluster Amomi Cardomomum (or Kravanh) Fructus Bai Dou Kou
Cardamon, grains-of-paradise fruit Amomum Villosum Fmctus seu Semen Sha Ren
Carpesium Fruit Caarpesium Abrotanoides Fructus He Shi
Cassia Seeds Cassia Tora Semen Jue Ming Zi
Cattail Pollen, Bulrush Pollen Typha Angustifolia & Latifolia Pollen Pu Huang
Cattail Pollen, Charred Typha Arg. Pollen Carbonisatum Pu Huang Tan
Celosia Seeds Celosia Argentea Semen Qing Xiang Zi
Centipede Herba Centipedae Minima, Herba cum Radix E Bu Shi Cao
Cephalanoplos, "Small Thistle" Cephalanoplos Segeti, Herba seu Radix Da Xiao Ji
Cercis Bark Cercis Chinensis Cortex Zi Jing Pi
Chain Fern Rhizome, Cibota Cibotium Barometz Rhizoma Gou Ji
Cherokee Rosehip Rosa Laevigata Fructus Jin Ying Zi
Cherry (Bush Cherry) Pit Prunus Japonica Semen Yu Li Ren
Cherry, Cornelian Asiatic Cornus Officinalis Fructus Shan Zhu Yu
Chive Bulb, Chinese Allium Macrostemon Bulbus Xie Bai
Chrysanthemum Flower Chrysanthemum Morifolium Flos Ju Hua
Chrysanthemum Flower (High) Chrysanthemum Morifolium Flos Ju Hua (High)
Chysanthemum Flower, Wild Chrysanthemum Indium Flos Ye Ju Hua
Cinnamon (Tenuis) Inner Bark Cinnamomum Tenuis Cortex Gui Pi
Cinnamon Twig Cinnamom Cassia Ramulus Gui Zhi
Cinnamon, Regular (inner bark) Cinnamomum Cassia Cortex Rou Gui (Regular)
Cinnamon, Saigon (inner bark) Cinnamomum Cassia Cortex Rou Gui (Vietnam)
Cirsium Root, Japanese Thistle Root Cirsium Japonicum Radix Da Ji
Citrus (Tangerine) Peel Citrus Reticulata Pericarpium Chen Pi (High)
Citrus (Tangerine) Peel Citrus Reticulata Pericarpium Chen Pi (Medium)
Clematis Root Clematis Chinensis Radix Wei Ling Xian
Clerondendron (Hairy) Leaf Clerondendron Trichotomum Folium Chou Wu Tong
Clover Flower Bud Eugenia Catyophyllata Flos Ding Xiang
Cnidium Seeds Cnidium Monnieri Semen She Chuang Zi
Cnidium Seeds Powder Cnidium Monnieri Semen Powder She Chuang Zi Fen
Codonopsis Root (high grade) Codonopsis Pilosula, Radix (high) Dang Shen (high)
Codonopsis Root (medium grade) Codonopsis Pilosula, Radix (medium) Dang Shen (med)
Coix Seeds, Job's Tears Seeds Coix Lachryma Jobi Semen Yi Yi Ren
Coix Seeds, Job's Tears Seeds Powder Coix Lachryma Jobi Semen Powder Yi Yi Ren Fen
Coltsfoot Flower Tussilago Farfara Flos Kuan Dong Hua
Coptis Rhizome Coptis Chinensis Rhizoma Huang Lian
Cordyceps Fungus, Chinese Cordyceps Sinensis, per liang Dong Chong Xia Cao /Liang
Cornsilk Zea Mays stylus Yu Mi Xu
Corydalis Rhizome Corydalis Yanhusuo Rhizoma Yan Hu Suo
Costus or Aucklandia Root Aucklandia lappe or Saussurea lappa Radix Mu Xiang
Costus or Aucklandia Root Aucklandia lappe or Saussurea lappa Radix Mu Xiang (loose)
Croton Seed Croton Tiglii Semen Ba Dou
Curculigo Rhizome, "immortal grass" Curculigo Orchioidis Rhizoma Xian Mao
Cuscuta Seeds Cuscuta Chinensis Semen Tu Si Zi
Cyathula root or Sezchuan ox knee Cyathula Officinalis Radix Chuan Niu Xi
Cynanchi Paiculali Radix Cynanchi Paiculali Xu Chang Qing
Cynanchum Root Cynanchi Baiqian Radix Bai Qian
Cynomorium, fleshy stem Cynomorium Songaricum Herba Suo Yang
Cyperus Rhizome, Nut-grass Cyperus Rotundus Rhizoma Xiang Fu
Dalbergia Heartwood Dalbergia Odorifera Lignum Jiang Xiang
Dandelion, with flower and root Taraxacuni Mongolicum Herba cum Radix Pu Gong Ying
Date, Black Zizyphus Jujube Inermis, Fructus Ate Hei Zao
Date, Red (Chinese) Jujube Ziziphus Jujuba Fructus Hong Zao
Descurainia Seeds Descurainia Sophia Semen Ting Li Zi
Dianthus, Pink (aerial parts) Dianthus Superbus Herba Qu Mai
Dictamnus (or Dittany) Root Bark Dictamnus Dasycarpus Radicis cortex Bai Xian Pi
Dioscorea Rhizome, Tokoro Dioscorea Hypoglauca Rhizoma Bi Xie
Dioscorea Tuber, "yellow medicine" Dioscorea Bulbifera Tuber Hung Yao Zi
Dragon's Blood (resin of the plant) Daemonorops Draconis Sanguis Xue Jie
Drynaria Rhizome Drynaria Fortunei Rhizoma Gu Sui Bu
Eclipta Eclipta Prostrata Herba Han Lian Cao
Ephedra Root Ephedra Radix Ma Huang Gen
Ephedra, aerial part of plant Ephedra Herba Ma Huang
Epimedium, aerial parts Epimedium Grandiflorum Herba Yin Yang Huo
Eucommia Bark (Grade #1) Eucommia Ulmoides Cortex (Grade #1) Du Zhong (Grade #1)
Eucommia Bark (Grade #2) Eucommia UlmoidesCortex (Grade #2) Du Zhong (Grade #2)
Eucommia Bark (Grade #3) Eucommia Ulmoides Cortex (Grade #3) Du Zhong (Grade #3)
Euiyale Seeds Euiyale Ferox Semen Qian Shi
Eupatorium Eupatorium Fortunei Herba Pei Lan
Evodia Fruit Evodia Rutaecarpa Fructus Wu Zhu Yu
Evolvulus Evolvuli Alsinoidis Herba Lu Han Cao
Fennel Fruit Foeniculum Vulgare Fructus Xiao Hui Xiang
Fenugreek Seed Trigonella Foenum-Graecum Semen Hu Lu Ba
Field Mint, Mentha Mentha Haplocalyx Herba Bo He
Field Mint, Mentha (High) Mentha Haplocalyx Herba (High) Bo He (High)
Finger Citron, Lit. "Buddha Hand" Citrus Sarcodactylis Fructus Fo Shou
Firmiana Seeds Firmiana Simplicis Semen Wu Tong Zi
Flying Squirrel Feces Trogopteri seu Pteromi Excrementum Wu Ling Zhi
Forsythia Fruit Forsythia Suspensa Fructus Lian Qiao
Frankincense Olibanum Gummi (Boswelia Carterii) Ru Xiang
Fritillaria (Tendrilled) Bulb Fritillaria Cirrhosa Bulbus Chuan Bei Mu
Fritillaria Bulb Fritillaria Verticillata Bulbus Zhe Bei Mu
Galanga (Lesser) Rhizome Alpinia Officinarum Rhizoma Gao Liang Jiang
Galanga Rhizome Kaempferia Galanga Rhizoma Shan Nai
Gallnut (cocoon) of Chinese Sumac Rhus Chinensis Galla Wu Bei Zi
Gambir Vine Uncaria Rhynchophylla Ramulus et Uncus Gou Teng
Gardenia, Cape Jasmine Fruit Gardenia Jasminoidis Fructus Zhi Zi (Shan)
Gentian (Chinese) Root Gentiana Scabra Radix Long Dan Cao
Gentiana Root Gentiana Macrophylla Radix Qin Jiao
Geranium Geranium Wilfordium Herba Lao He Cao
Ginger Zingerberis Officianalis Cortex Rhizomatis Sheng Jiang
Ginger Rhizome, dried Zingiber Officinalis Rhizoina Gan Jiang
Ginger Rhizome, quick-fried Zingiberis Officinals Rhizoma Pao Jiang (Hei Jiang)
Ginger, Chinese Wild Asarum Sieboldii Herba cum Radix Xi Xin
Gingko Nut Gingko Bilobae Semen Bai Guo
Ginseng, Siberian - powder Eleutherococcus Senticosus Cortex Radix Ci Wu Jia Shen (powder)
Ginseng, Siberian root Eleutherococcus Senticosus Cortex Radix Ci Wu Jia
Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome Smilax Glabra Rhizoma Tu Fu Ling
Gynostemma Herb Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Radix Jiao Gu Lan
Hawthorn Fruit Crataegus Pinnatifida Fructus Shan Zha
Hawthorn Fruit, Charred Crataegi Fructus Carbinosatum Shan Zha Tan
Hematite (not treated) Haematitum (not treated) Dai Zhe Shi (Sheng)
Hematite (Treated) Haematitum (treated) Dai Zhe Shi (Treated)
Hemp or Cannabis Seeds Cannabis Sativa Semen Huo Ma Ren
Heydyotis (or Oldenlandia) Heydyotidis Diffusa Herba Bai Hua She She Cao
Hibiscus Root Bark Hibiscus Syriacus Cortex Radicis Mu Jin Pi
Hogfennel Root, Peucedanum Peucedanum Praeruptorum Radix Qian Hu
Hogfennel Root, Peucedanum Powder Peucedanum Praeruptorum Radix Qian Hu Fen
Homalomena Rhizome Homalomena Occulta Rhizoma Qian Nian Jian
Honeylocust (Chinese) Fruit Gleditsia Sinensis Fructus Zao Jiao
Honeylocust (Chinese) Spine Gleditsia Sinensis Spina Zao Jiao Ci
Honeysuckle Flower Lonicera Japonica Flos (high grade) Jin Yin Hua (high grade)
Honeysuckle Stem Lonicera Japonica Ramus Ren Dong Teng
Hornet Nest Vespa Nidus, Polistes mandarinus Nest Feng Fang
Houtuynia Houttuynia Cordata Herba cum Radix Yu Xing Cao
Hyacinth Bean, Dolichos Bean, "Flat Bean" Dolichoris Lablab Semen Bian Dou (Bai Bian Dou Chao)
Hypericum (Chinese Leaf & Stem) Hypericum Japonicum Herba Tian Ji Huang
Illicium Bark Illicis Rotunda Cortex Jiu Bi Ying
Illicium Fruit Illicium Veri Fructus Da Hui Xiang
Illicium Fruit Powder Illicium Verum Fructus Da Hui Xiang Fen
Illicum Tea Illicium Folium Ku Ding Cha
Indigo (Isatis) Leaf processed, powdered Indigo Pulverata Levis (powder) Qing Dai Fen (per box)
Indigo or Isatis Leaves Isatis Tinctoria Folium Da Qing Ye
Inula Flower Inula Japonica Flos Xuan Fu Hua
Isatis Root, Woad Root Isatidis Tinctoria Radix Ban Lan Gen
Jack-in-the-pulpit Rhizome, treated Arisaematis Rhizoma Praeparatum Tian Nan Xing, treated
Jasmine (Cape) Fruit, gardenia fruit Gardenia Jasminoides Fructus Shan Zhi Zi
Jasmine Flower Jasmini FIos Su Xin Hua
Jasmine Fruit, Charred Gardenia J. Fruct. Carbonisatum Shan Zhi Zi Tan
Jujube (Sour) Seed Zizyphus Spinosa Semen Suan Zao Ren
Jujube (Sour) Seed, prepared Zyzyphus S. Semen Preparatum Suan Zao Ren (Chao)
Kadsura Stem Piper Futokadsura Caulis Hal Feng Teng
Kaolin, Halloysite - "red stone resin" Halloysitum Rubrum Chi Shi Zhi
Katsumada's Galangal Seeds Alpinia Katsumada Semen Cao Dou Kou
Kelp Thallus Laminaria Japonica Algae Thallus Kun Bu
Knotweed (Bushy) Rhizome Polygonum Cuspidatum Rhizoma Hu Zhang
Kochia Fruit Kochia Scopaaria Fructus Di Fu Zi
Kudzu Flower, Pueraria Flower Pueraria Lobata Flos Ge Hua
Kudzu Root, Pueraria Root Pueraria Lobata Radix Ge Gen (sliced)
Kudzu Root, Pueraria Root Powder Pueraria Lobata Radix Powder Ge Gen Fen
Lapis Micae or Lapis Chioriti Chioriti seu Micae Lapis Meng Shi
Leechee Nut Litchium Chinensis Semen Li Zhi He
Leek (Chinese) Seeds Folium Allium Tuberosi Semen Jiu Cai Zi
Leonurus Seed Leonusus Heterophyllus Semen Chong Wei Zi
Licorice Root medium Glycyrrhizae Uralensis Radix Gan Cao
Licorice Root, honey-baked Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Radix Zhi Gan Cao
Ligusticum or Lovage Root, Chinese Ligusticum Sinensis Rhizome et Radix Gao Ben
Ligusticum Root, Cnidium Ligusticum Wallichii Radix Chuan Xiong
Ligusticum Root, prepared Ligusticum Wallichii Radix, prepared Chuan Xiong (sugared)
Lily Bulb (High Grade) Lilium Brownii Bulbus Bai He (High Grade)
Lily Bulb (Medium Grade) Lilium Brownii Bulbus Bai He (Medium Grade)
Lindera Root Lindera Stiycbnifolia Radix (treated) Wu Yao (treated)
Litharge, Galena Lithargyrum Mi Tuo Seng
Lithosperm Root & Leaf Hairs Lithosperm Erythrorhizon seu Arnebia Inflorescens Zi Cao Rong
Lithosperm Root, Groomwell Root Lithosperm Erythrorhizon seu Arnebia Radix Zi Cao Gen
Lobelia, Chinese (whole plant) Lobelia Chinenis, Herba cum Radice Ban Bian Lian
Longan Flower Euphoria Longana Arillus Log Yan Hua
Longan Fruit Flesh Euphoria Longana Arillus Long Yan Rou
Lophatherum Stem and Leaves Lophatherum Gracile Herba Dan Zhu Ye
Loquat Leaf Eriobotrya Japonica Folium Pi Pa Ye
Lotus Flower Stamen Nelumbinis Nucifera Stamen Lian Xu
Lotus Leaf Nelumbo Nucifera Foium He Ye
Lotus Plumule Nelumbinis Nucifera Plumula Lian Zi Xin
Lotus Rhizome Node Nelumbo Nucifera Nodus Rhizomatis Ou Jie
Lotus Rhizome Node, Charred Nelumbo Nucifera Nodus Rhizomatis Ou Jie Tan
Lotus Seeds Nelumbinis Nucifera Semen Lian Zi
Lycium Fruit, Chinese Wolfberry Lycium Barbarum Fructus Gou Qi Zi
Lycium Root Bark, Wolfberry Cortex Lycium Chinense Cortex Radicis Di Gu Pi
Lycopodium Lycopodium Herba cum Radix Shen Jin Cao
Lycopodium Tuber Lycopodiurn Clavatum Tuber Jin Bu Huan
Lysimachia Lysimachia Christina Herba Jin Qian Cao
Madder or Rubia Root Rubia Cordifolia Radix Qian Cao Gen
Madder, Aromatic Elsholtzia Splendens Herba Xiang Ru
Magnetite (Powdered) Magnetitum (Powdered) Ci Shi (Powdered)
Magnolia Bark Magnolia Officinalis Cortex Hou Po (reg.)
Magnolia Flower Magnolia Liliflora Flos Xin Yi Hua
Magnolia Flower Magnolia Officinalis Flos Hou Po Hua
Medicated Leaven Massa Fermentata Shen Qu
Melia or Szechuan pagoda tree fruit Melia Toosendan Fructus Chuan Lian Zi
Melia Tree Root Bark Melia Cortex Radicis Ku Lian Pi
Mimosa Tree Bark Albizzia Julibrissin Cortex He Huan Pi
Mimosa Tree Flowers Albizzia Julibrissin Flos He Huan Hua
Mirabilite, purer form Mirabilitum Purum Xuan Ming Fen
Momordica Fruit, "Arhat Fruit Momordica Grosvenor Fructus Luo Han Guo (per box)
Momordica Seeds Momordica Cochinchinensis Semen Mu Bie Zi
Morinda Root (med) Morinda Officianalis Radix Ba Ji Tian
Morning Gloiy Seeds Pharbitidius Semen Qian Nen Zi
Mother-of-Pearl Pteria Margaritifera Concha Zhen Zhu Mu
Motherwort, Chinese Leonuri Heterophylli Herba Yi Mu Cao
Moutan root bark, Tree peony root bark Moutan Cortex Radix Mu Dan Pi
Mugwort Leaf Artemisine Argyi Folium Ai Ye
Mulberiy Root Bark Moms Alba Cortex Radix Sang Bai Pi
Mulberry (White) Leaf Morus Alba Folium Sang Ye
Mulberry Fruit or Fruit-Spike Morus Alba Fructus Sang Shen Zi
Mulberry Mistletoe ("parasite") Stems Viscum Coloratum seu Loranthi Ramus Sang Ji Sheng
Mulberry Twig Morus Alba Ramulus Sang Zhi
Mume Fruit, Lit. 'Dark Plum" Prunus Mume Fructus Wu Mei
Mung Bean Phasioli Radiati Semen Lu Dou
Musk Mallow (or Abutilon) Seeds Malva Verticillata Semen Dong Kui Zi
Mustard (White) Seed Sinapis Albae Semen Bai Jie Zi (Huang Jie Zi)
Myrrh Myrrha Mo Yao
Noto Ginseng Root   Tian San Qi
Notopteiygium Root & Rhizome Notoptergium Incisum Rhizoma et Radix Qiang Huo
Nutmeg Seeds Myristica Fragrans Semen Rou Dou Kou
Nux-Vomica Seeds Strychnotis Nux Vomica Semen Ma Qian Zi (treated)
Omphalia (Polygorus), fruiting body Polygorus Mylitta Fructification Lei Wan
Ophicalcite, "flower stamen stone" Ophicalcitum Hua Rui Shi
Ophiopogoms Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonicum Tuber Mai Men Dong
Ophiopogonis tuber, cut open Ophiopogonis Japonicum Tuber Kai Men Dong
Orange (Bitter), ripened fruit Citrus Aurantium seu Poncirus Fructus immature Zhi Ke
Orange (Bitter), ripened fruit Powder Citrus Aurantium seu Poncirus Fructus immature Powder Zhi Ke Fen
Orange (Bitter), unriped fruit Citrus Aurantium seu Poncirus Fructus immature Zhi Shi
Orange (Bitter), unriped fruit Powder Citrus Aurantium seu Poncirus Fructus immature Powder Zhi Shi Fen
Oregano Oregano Tu Yin Chen
Oroxylum Seeds Oroxylum Indicum Semen Mu Hu Die
Oyster Shell, Calcined-Powdered Ostrea Concha (Calcined - Powdered) Mu Li (Calcined Powdered)
Oyster Shell, Treated Ostrea Concha (Treated) Mu Li (treated)
Oyster Shell, Untreated Ostrea Concha (Untreated) Mu Li (Sheng)
Oyster Shell, Untreated-Powdered Ostrea Concha (Untreated - powdered) Mu Li (Powdered)
Pagoda Tree Flower Sophora Japonica Flos Huai Hua
Pagoda Tree Fruit Sophora Japonica Fructus Huai Jiao
Paris Rhizome Paris Rhizoma Zao Xiu (Qi Ye Yi Shi Hua)
Patchouli or Agastache Plant Agastaches Rugosa Seu Pogostemi Herba Huo Xiang
Patrinia Herba cum Radice Patrinia Scabiosaefolia Bai Jiang Cao
Peach Kernal Prunus Persica Semen Tao Ren
Peony (White) Root Paeoniae Lactiflorae Radix (Slices) Bai Shao (Slices)
Peony (White) Root Paeoniae Lactiflorae Radix (Whole Root) Bai Shao (Whole Root)
Peony Root - Red Paeoneae Rubrae Radix Chi Shao
Perilla (Purple) Fruit, Perilla Seed Perilla Fruitescens Fructus Zi Su Zi
Perilla Leaf Perilla Fruitescens Folium Zi Su Ye
Perilla Vine Penila Frutescens Caulis Zi Su Geng
Persimmon Calyx (Sepal) Diospyros Kaki Calyx Shi Di
Phellodendron Bark, Amur Cork Tree Bark Phellodendri Cortex Huang Bai (Huang Bo)
Phellodendron Bark, Amur Cork Tree Bark Powder Phellodendri Cortex Powder Huang Bai Fen
Photina Leaves Photina Serrulata Folium Shi Nan Teng
Picrorhiza Rhizome Picrorhiza Scrophulariaeflora Rhizoma Hu Huang Liang
Pine (Knotty) Wood Pinus Tabulaeformis Lignum Nodi Song Jie
Pine Wood Resin, prepared Pinus Resina Praeparata Song Xiang
Pinellia Rhizome (Fa - True) Pinellia Ternata Rhizoma (Brown-true) Ban Xia (Fa - True)
Pinellia Rhizome (Fa) (Large) Pinellia Ternata Rhizoma (Fa) Ban Xia (Fa) (Large)
Pinellia Rhizome (Fa) (Small) Pinellia Ternata Rhizoma (Fa) Ban Xia (Fa) (SmalI)
Pinellia Rhizome (Large-Brown) Pinellia Ternata Rhizoma (Fa-Brown) Ban Xia (Large-Brown)
Piperis Fruit, Lang Pepper Fruit Piperis Longi Fructus Bi Ba
Plantago Seeds Plantago Asiatica Semen Che Qian Zi
Plantago, Aerial Plant Plantago Asiatica Herba Che Qian Cao
Platycodon Root, balloon flower root Platycodon Grandiflorum Radix Jie Geng
Polygonatum Rhizome, Siberian Solomon Seal Rhizome Polygonatum Sibiricum Rhizoma Huang Jing
Polygonatum, Solomon's seal rhizome Polygonatum Odoratum Rhizoma Yu Zhu
Polygonum Root, high grade Polygonum Multifori Radix, high grade He shou Wu (high)
Polygonum Root, thick slices Polygonum Multifori Radix, thick slices He Shou Wu, thick slices
Polygonum Root, thin slices Polygonum Multiflorum Radix, thin slices He Shou Wu, thin slices
Polygonum Vine Polygonum Multiflori Caulis Ye Jiao Teng
Polygonum, Knotweed Polygonum Aviculare Herba Bian Xu
Polyporus Scierotium (myceliwn mass) Polyporum Umbellatum Sclerotium Zhu Ling
Pomegranate Husk Punica Granatum Pericarpium Shi Liu Pi
Poria Fungus, Hoelen Light Red Poria Cocos Rubra Scierotium Chi Pu Ling
Poria fungus, thinly planed curls Poria Cocos Sclerotium (Curled) Juan Fu Ling
Poria Plant Fungus, Hoelen (Pieces) Pona Cocos Scierotium (Pieces) Fu Ling (pieces)
Poria Plant Fungus, Hoelen (Sliced) Poria Cocos Scierotium (Sliced) Fu Ling (sliced)
Poria Root Fungus Poria Cocos Pararadicis Sclerotium Fu Shen (Bao Mu)
Poria Skin Pona Cocos Cortex Fu Ling Pi
Poygala, Chinese Senega Root Polygala Tenuifolia Radix Yuan Zhi
Privet Fruit, Ligustrum Ligustrum Lucidum Fructus Nu Zhen Zi
Prunella, Selfheal Spike Prunella Vulgaris Spica Xia Ku Cao
Pseudoginseng Root, powder Panax Notoginseng Radix Tian Qi (powder)
Pseudoginseng Root, sliced - box Panax Notoginseng Radix Tian Qi (sliced -box)
Pseudoginseng Root, whole Panax Notoginseng Radix Tian Qi (whole)
Pseudolancis Bark Pseudolaricis Cortex Tu Jin Pi (Tu Jing Pi)
Pseudostellaria Root, Prince Ginseng Pseudostellaria Heterophylla Radix Tai Zi Shen
Psoralea Fruit Psoralea Cor'folia Fructus Bu Gu Zhi
Puffball, Fruiting Body Laiosphaera seu Calvatia Fructification Ma Bo
Pumice, "Float on the Sea Stone" Pumice Fu Hai Shi
Pursiane Portulaca Oleracea Herba Ma Chi Xian
Pyrite Pyritum Zi Ran Tong
Pyrrosia Leaves Pyrrosia Lingua Folium Shi Wei
Quince (Chinese) Fruit Chaenomelis Lagenaria Fructus Mu Gua
Quisqualis Fruit, Rangoon creeper fruit Quisqualis Indica Fructus Shi Jun Zi
Radish Seeds Raphanus Sativus Semen Lai Fu Zi
Raspberry, Chinese Rubus Chingii Fructus Fu Pen Zi
Realgar Realgar Xiong Huang
Rebmannia Root, cooked in wine Rehmannia Glutinosa Radix Conquita Shou Di Huang
Rebmannia Root, cooked in wine Rehmannia Glutinosa Radix Conquita Shou Di Huang, powder
Red Yeasted Rice Monascus Purpureus Hong Qu
Reed Rhizome Phragmitis communis Rhizoma Lu Gen
Rehmannia Root, Chinese Foxglove Rehmannia Glutinosa Radix, powder Sheng Di (powder)
Rehmannia Root, Fresh Rehmannia Glutinosa Radix Sheng Di Huang
Reishi Mushroom (large) Ganodenna Lucidum Fnactification Umbilicariae Ling Zhi (large)
Rhodiola Root, Red flower in the sky Rhodiola Rosea (High Grade) Hong Jing Tian (high)
Rhubarb Rhizome Rheum Palmatum (or Rhei) Rhizoma Da Huang
Rhubarb Rhizome Powder Rheum Palmatum (or Rhei) Rhizoma Da Huang Fen
Rice (Glutinous) Root and Rhizome Oiyza Gluinosa Rhizoma et Radix Nuo Dao Gen
Rice Sprout Orzya Sativa Fructus Germinatus Gu Ya
Ricinus Seeds Ricini Communis Semen Bi Ma Zi
Rose (Chinese), young flower Rosea Rugosae Flos Mei Gui Hua
Rush Pith Tetrapanax Papyriferus Medulla Tong Cao
Safflower Flower Carthamus Tinctorius Flos Hong Hua
Safflower Flower Powder Carthamus Tinctorius Flos Hong hua Fen
Salvia Root Salvia Miltiorrhiza Radix Dan Shen
Sandalwood, heariwood Santalum Album Lignum Tan Xiang
Sangitisorba Root, Charcoal Sanguisorba Officinalis Radix, Carbonisatum Di Yu Tan
Sanguisorba Root Sanguisorba Officinalis Radix Di Yu
Sappan Wood Caesalpinia Sappan Lignum Su Mu
Schisandra Fruit, "five flavored seed" Schisandra Chinensis Fructus Wu Wei Zi
Schizonepta Stem or Bud Schizonepeta Tenuifolia Herba seu FIos Jing Jie
Schizonepta Stem or Bud, Charred Schizonepeta Tenuifolia Herba seu Flos Jing Jie Tan
Scorpion Buthus Martensi Quan Xie
Scouring Rush, Shave Grass Equisetum Hiemale Herba Mu Zei
Scrophularia Root, ningpo figwort root Scrophularia Ningpoensis Radix Xuan Shen
Scute or Baical Skullcap Root (High) Scutelaria Baicalensis Radix Huang Qin (high)
Scute Root (Loose) Scutelaria Baicalensis Radix Huang Qin (loose)
Scutellaria, Barbat Skullcap Scutellaria Barbata Herba Ban Zhi Lian
Sea Weed Sargassum Pallidum Herba Hai Cao (Zao)
Selaginella Selaginella Doederleimi Herba Shi Shang Bai
Senecionis Senecionis Scandentis Herba Qian Li Guang
Senna Leaf Cassia Angustifolia Leaf Fan Xie Ye
Serratula Root Serratula Radix Sheng Ma (Substitute
Sesame (Black) Seeds Sesamum Indicum Semen Hei Zhi Ma
Siler Root Ledebouriella Sesloides Radix Fang Feng
Solani Solani Nigra Herba Long Kui
Solanus Solanus Lyrati Herba Shu Yang Quan
Sophora Root Sophora Flavescentis Radix Ku Shen
Sophora Root Sophora Subprostrata Radix Shan Dou Gen
Soybean (prepared) Sojae, Depositum Praeparatum Insulsu Dan Dou Chi
Speranskia, Impatientis Speranskia seu Impatientis Herba Ton Gu Cao
Spirodela Leaves Spirodela Polyrrhiza Herba Fu Ping
Sponge (Vegetable), dried skeleton Luffa Cylindrica Fasciculus Vascularis Si Gua Luo
Star Jasmine Stem Trachelospermum Jasminoides Caulis Luo Shi Teng
Stellaria Root Stellaria Dichotoma Radix Yin Chai Hu
Stemona Root Stemona Sessilifolia Radix Bai Bu
Stephania Root StephaniaTetrandra Radix Fang Ji (Han)
Sterculia (Boat) Seed Sterculia Scaphigera Semen Pang Da Hai
Sulphur Sulphur Liu Huang
Swallowwort Root Cynanchum Atratum Radix Bai Wei
Sweetfiag Rhizome Acorus Gramineus Rhizoma Shi Chang Pu
Sweetgum Fruit Artemisia Anomalas Herba Liu Ji Nu
Szechuan Pepper Fruit Peel Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Pericarpium Hua Jiao (Chuan Jiao)
Talcum Talcum Hua Shi
Talcum (Powdered) Talcum (Powdered) Hua Shi Fen
Tangerine (unripened) Peel Citrus Reticulata Viride Pericarpium Qing Pi
Tangerine Inner Peel, pericardium Citrus Reticulata Fasculus Vascularis Ju Luo
Tangerine Peel, red part Citrus Reticulata Pericarpium Rubrum Ju Hong Pi (per bundle)
Tangerine Seeds Citrus reticulata Semen Ju He
Teasal (Japanese) Root, Dipsacus Dipsacus Asper Radix Xu Duan
Terminalia (Myrobalan) Fruit Terminalia Chebula Fructus He Zi
Torreya Seeds Torreya Grandis Semen Fei Zi
Tribulus or Caltrop Fruit Tribuli Terrestris Fructus Bai Ji Li
Trichosanthes Fruit Trichosanthes Kirilowii Fructus Gua Lou Shi
Trichosanthes Fruit Peel Trichosanthes Kirilowii Fructus Pericarpium Gua Lou Pi
Trichosanthes Seeds Trichosanthes Kirilowii Semen Gua Lou Ren
Tsaoko Fruit, Lit. "Grass Fruit" Amomi Tsao-ko Fructus Cao Guo
Tulip (Chinese) Bulb Cremastra Variabilis Bulbus Shan Ci Gu
Tumenc Tuber, Curcuma Tuber Curcuma Longa Tuber Yu Jin
Tumeric Rhizome Curcuma Longa Rhizoma Jiang Huang
Typhonium Rhizome Typhonium Giganteum Rhizoma Bai Fu Zi
Typhonium Rhizome Powder Typhonium Giganteum Rhizoma Powder Bai  Fu Zi Fen
Verbena Verbena Herba Ma Bian Cao
Violet or Viola, whole plant Viola Yedoensis Herba Cum Radix Zi Hua Di Ding
Vitex Fruit Viticum Fructus Man Jing Zi
Wintermelon Peel Benicasa Hispida Epicarpium Dong Gua Pi
Wintermelon Seed Benicasa Hispida Semen Dong Gua Ren
Wood Ear, Tremella Fruiting Body Tremela Fuciformis Fructificatio Bai Mu Er
Wooly (or White) Grass Rhizome Imperata Cylindrica Rhizoma Bai Mao Gen
Wormwood, aerial part Artemisia Apiacea Herba Qing Hao
Xanthium Stem and Leaf Xanthii, Caulis et Folium Cang Er Zi
Yam, Chinese Dioscorca Opposita Radix Shan Yao (8 Zhi)
Zedoaria (or Curcuma) Rhizome E Zhu Curcuma Zedoaria Rhizoma E Zhu
Zostera Zostera Marina Herba Hal Dai

Common Names of Herbs in a easy to reference chart



Please note: 
Definitions of the following forms which are products are sold in.

Powdered Concentrates 5:1 Ratio of an herb in Powder form.  100 gram container size.(3.5 oz)
This has been processed, and usually has dextrin added.
Powdered Herb This is the herb, root, berry, twig, or any form of the herb, which has been Powdered into a fine mesh which usually can be put into capsules.  Most of the Powders herbs are in a 1 pound size, unless otherwise noted.
Cut and Sift This the herb, root, berry, twig, or any form of herb cut into manageable pieces. In general about 1/4 thick.  Size of herbs are 1 pound containers
Whole In very rare occasion herbs are whole, for example the Reishi Mushroom, Noto Ginseng, Mandrake, and Marigolds. Size of herbs are 1 pound containers.  If concerned please call.
Teapills These are small pills which have already been formulated and made into small pills.  Usually the size of small peas. The teapills are swallowed whole. The formula is usually based on Ancient Chinese Medicine.
Capsules Are Gelatin Capsules, unless noted as vegetarian capsules.  Please see each individual product for further information
Tablets Are a hard tablet ranging in various sizes. Please see each individual product for further information
Extracts An extract is produced by adding alcohol to an herb and letting the medium activate the components of the herbs, as well as to preserve the herbs
Loose Leaf The herb is not in a teabag.  It is loose in the packaging.  Sizes of the leaf vary from 1/4 inch to 1 inch depending on herb and brand.


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